Rail bands and change of plans

Yesterday evening I was able to squeeze in some time to do some work and close the hull. First I roughly traced the outline of the side on a large piece of cardboard to create a template. I could then trace the template on the wood and saw out the strips. Once the cut-outs were done I started coating one side of the hull with … Continue reading Rail bands and change of plans

Progress! Trimming the edges

More than a few weeks have past, more like a few months.. Today I finally got a chance to do some work on the project again. By all means, the project is not dead, it’s just hard to find the time to make fast progress.. Anyways, in the last post I had filled the crack with a wedge and in the mean time, I removed the … Continue reading Progress! Trimming the edges

Keep the dream alive!

Too many weeks have past without an update. Life has been busy… Yesterday I found myself in the shaping bay for a couple of minutes because I was in the neighborhood and since I last saw the board, I now saw some fine cracks (the size of a hair maybe) expanding from the crack. So, I decided to glue in a piece of wood (like a … Continue reading Keep the dream alive!

Small update

This weekend only a small update to the project. Continuing were I left last week: deck glued onto the frame and a crack in the nose of the deck.. So first things first, getting the board of the rocker table: No more visible insides! Every step makes the project look more like an actual surfboard, which is a great motivator. The crack however, not so … Continue reading Small update

Gluing the deck to the frame and a setback..

Today was the last day the inside of the board was visible. It was time to glue on the deck! First I had to add some support for the vent, plane the edges of the frame and give everything a sand. Also, I added some small ventilation holes in the nose and tail part of the frame. And then it was time to glue on … Continue reading Gluing the deck to the frame and a setback..

Trimming the Bottom Panel and adding Fin Support

Finally, the post after the first panels were glued to the frame! This should have been online over a week ago, but time was not on me side.. Last time I left with the bottom panel and the frame clamped in the rocker table and did not return before two weeks later. Needless to say I was pretty exited to get it out and see … Continue reading Trimming the Bottom Panel and adding Fin Support

Gluing the Bottom Panels to the Frame

So I managed to get some work done yesterday, mainly gluing again. First of I got the bottom panels out of the wood clamps as I left them last week. After some cleaning up of the glued edge with a planer and some light sanding of the panels, I also sanded the edges of the frame and trimmed of some of the frame. After a … Continue reading Gluing the Bottom Panels to the Frame

Bottom and Deck Panels

Now that the frame is finished it’s time for the next step. Which is attaching the matching panels (remember those?). To join two panels properly the edges have to be flat to ensure an optimal surface for gluing. This wasn’t the case for my panels, but thankfully my kind neighbor, who has been a furniture maker for many years, has a jointer and was willing to … Continue reading Bottom and Deck Panels